Create joyful memories!

Have you ever been to your local party supply store or multiple stores and seen the same designs that do not have exactly what you are looking for? Or nothing unique and creative? I have but did not pay attention to it until June 2020 while looking for party supplies for my Aunt Connie. 
Even as an introvert, I enjoy being people that I can have a good time with and celebrate also while contributing to the experience. Whether it be bringing Oreo balls, Rotel dip, or people's favorite foods or party favor - I enjoy seeing others happy! No matter how the size of the event, from 5 to 400, I've been fortunate  enough to help plan events. Which it all really started with my Mom. Growing up she would have "get togethers" without realizing that she was helping others (including myself) create joyful memories with family and friends. 
One of the goals of Lucy Lynn Party is to provide party supplies and gifts that are creative, unique, and inclusive. Lucy Lynn Party was created out of a need I saw that was lacking within party supplies. I know how it feels not to see yourself or something that represents you too well, unfortunately.
While 2020 was a year I'll never forget, one thing I have truly learned is that representation matters and to cherish and celebrate life moments.
Browse the collections to see if there is something to help celebrate and cherish life moments!